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At The Laundry House, we've transformed garment care by prioritizing hygiene, transparency, and quality. We understand that each garment is unique, which is why we carefully select garment-specific processes to deliver the best outcomes. The result? Garments that not only look fresh but feel revitalized.

Caring for Your Garments, Caring for You

Caring for Your Garments, Caring for You

We prioritize the health and safety of our clients by using high-quality, skin-friendly detergents imported from Europe. Unlike many regular detergents available in the market, our chosen products adhere to stringent European regulatory standards and are free from harmful chemicals commonly found in less regulated products.

The Harsh Truth Behind Laundry Detergents

The Harsh Truth Behind Laundry Detergents 

We care so much about what we put in and on our bodies, yet often overlook the impact of the detergents we use. Our skin is our largest organ, absorbing substances it comes into contact with. Many laundry products, due to lax regulations, contain harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritations, rashes, and more severe health issues like cancer, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), fertility problems, and hormonal imbalances. These conditions are frequently linked to endocrine disruptors found in these non-regulated detergents. 

The Laundry House Promise

The Laundry House Promise

Our detergents are selected not only for their superior cleaning abilities but also for their compatibility with all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. Our commitment extends beyond mere cleanliness. We provide our customers with a safe, hypoallergenic option that ensures their clothing is free from irritants and harmful residues. This careful approach to garment care supports overall wellness and aligns with our dedication to promoting a healthier lifestyle through every wash.

The Harsh Truth Behind Laundry Detergents The Harsh Truth Behind Laundry Detergents The Laundry House Promise
pillar of tlh

The Four Pillars of the Laundry House

Unyielding Safety

Unwavering Safety

We prioritise health and safety by using stringent European-standard detergents that are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring skin-friendly care and overall wellness in every wash.

Unmatched Quality

Unyielding Quality

We employ meticulous cleaning processes, ongoing staff training, best-in-class equipment, and closely monitored processes to ensure that we deliver superior results to our customers.

Radical Transparency

Radical Transparency

We’re bringing garment care out of the shadows, into the open. Our Live Laundry Studios allow you to observe our operations, so you know exactly what happens to your clothes. 

Effortless Convenience

Effortless Convenience

We provide a seamless, hassle-free experience, with flexible scheduling, pickup, and delivery options, allowing you to choose convenient times and methods that fit your needs.

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It's Not Just about Cleaning – It's about Caring

Our years of experience in the industry have shown us that garment care is about more than just cleaning. It's about taking the utmost care of your delicate favourites. That's why we've invested in top-tier technology and processes, ensuring that each garment receives thorough, individualised attention, maintaining its quality and extending its life.

Check Desk

Our stain master is a tough nut to crack. Every piece of garment is carefully scrutinised for any stains or irregularities.


This alternative to dry cleaning provides superior care for delicate fabrics like silk, wool, and cashmere, mimicking hand washing but with greater effectiveness.


Our ozone-infused programs are gentle on linens, removing stains, eliminating germs/ bacteria, and disinfecting and deodorising your clothes.

Cradle Wash

This program uses gentle swaying motions to cradle garments at a low RPM, ensuring delicate care.


Our dryers stop automatically when optimal moisture is reached, preventing over-drying and maintaining fabric feel, colour, shape, and size.

Steam Press

Our steam pressing process operates at twice the temperature needed to kill viruses, ensuring thorough disinfection.


Our cleaning agents include disinfectants effective against common flu and other viruses.

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